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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter 2011 Tour

Check out the new snowkite Vid from Best Kiteboarding

NAST 2012

With the snow falling and winter kicking off, it's time to get ready for the tour!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Snowkite Travels

Hello everyone!

I just got back from my month long trip competing on The North American Snowkite Tour and would like to share my travels with you. The trip was amazing and I did surprisingly well throughout the 4 competitions. I was traveling around in an RV with the rest of the Best Kiteboarding Team(3 Austrians, 2 Americans, and a Canadian). It was really exciting getting to travel with the guys whom I've looked up to in the sport for years. We traveled through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

At each event we would compete in both Freestyle and Course Racing Disciplines. In Freestyle competitors compete in a slopestyle format with kickers, rails, spines, etc. They would run 4 man heats with the top 2 riders from each heat advancing to the next round. Riders were judged on difficulty, execution, amplitude, and overall impression. Racing would consist of varied courses ranging from 2 - 8 miles in length. 3 to 4 markers would create the course forcing riders to tack upwind, climb hills and descend hills all while jockeying for position and trying to not tangle with the other 15 or so competitors. All races would follow ISAF sailing rules and many of the professional course racers transitioned from the water to try there hand in the snow, making the competition very tough.

For the Tour Championships they would compile your top 3 out of 4 scores in both Freestyle and Racing for the overall tour winners, crowning 1 snowboarder and 1 skier. In the end I finished with two 1st place finishes and a 2nd place finish in the Freestyle and three 3rd place finishes in the Racing, putting me as the overall North American Snowkite Tour Winner. Wooo Hooo!!! Derek was able to make the third stop in Park City, Utah and competed in his first race. He did very well finishing 4th in the Amateur division. He's kiting very well and only just begun. I look forward to seeing what he can put together next year.

The following are some links to the coverage the tour got including TV interviews on both Park City TV and Plum TV(Sun Valley) which were syndicated across the US. Most of the actual riding footage has not yet been released but will be coming soon.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NAST Tour 2011

Just finished the 3rd stop on the North American Snowkite Tour. Thus far all events have provided good wind. It's been a real whirlwind between competition and filming. After wins in the first two events and a second place finish in Utah I'm looking to up my game for the championships in Idaho. I hope everyone can make it for a really fun weekend at snowkite soldier.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Da Hood

Off to Hood River this weekend for the AWSI event. Stoked to see and try all the new kites for next year. The stoke will be running high, getting pumped up for a big winter!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jam From The Dam SUP

Well I decided to compete in one of the many Stand Up Paddleboard races that are held on Lake Tahoe. It was a blast. We had great paddling conditions which made the 6 miles go by like a breeze. I finished in one hour 24 min which isn't bad for an old stock board thats not meant for racing. I'm looking forward to the next series of races in August. Hopefully I can get a bunch of you to join me! ha

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Down the East Side

Rusty and I ventured down the east side of the sierras in search of new kiting locations and kiting locations we found. The possibilities are endless down there. Snowfield after snowfield. It took us less than 30 min. from the truck to reach this spot where we launched our kites and kited to the peak in the background. The wind was lite but a steady NNE. So we could kite the NE facing aspects where the snow was a bit better. Can't wait to go back and explore a bit more.